Thermador Repair Pro expands Thermador warming drawer repair staff

Thermador one of America’s foremost names in domestic and commercial kitchen design and appliances. Thermador is the same brand that invented the built-in oven has continued improving and expanding its product line for over 75 years. THERMADOR REPAIR PRO recognizes that Thermador is one of Southern California’s most cooking brands and warming drawer systems  – that come in convection and traditional models.

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Customers who purchase Thermador’s Built-in Wall Ovens, cooktops and professional ranges often purchase a warming drawer as a companion appliance.  They are controlled by a digital touch control panel that allows for easy activation and temperature monitoring.  Thermador’s convection warming drawer features as ceramic warming surface that heats and warms food efficiently, maintaining a perfect serving temperature.  It is also very easy to clean and blends esthetically with all other Thermador appliances.


As one of the region’s foremost experts in Thermador warming drawer repair, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO suggests that its commercial and residential Thermador customers schedule routine maintenance of their Thermador warming drawer systems.


Thermador boasts best-in-industry convection and traditional warming drawer systems. THERMADOR REPAIR PRO agrees that Thermador has earned its bragging rights.  The company stays on top of professional training so that when a new innovation comes to market from Thermador, that THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is already ready to install, troubleshoot and repair the entire Thermador product line.

If you own a Thermador warming drawer, it is likely you own other Thermador appliances as well as Thermador was the first home appliance companies to implement rapid cooking technologies and wealth of other advancements and technologies.

As with all Thermador appliances, Thermador warming drawers are comprised of electrical and mechanical parts. It has been THERMADOR REPAIR PRO’ experience that no matter what appliance brand or their reputation for flawless manufacturing, even the best  made part will eventually wear out and require replacement.   When this happens, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO can often offer same-day Thermador warming drawer repair service.

In has become apparent that homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles now tend to prefer longer-lasting appliances, such as Thermador warming drawers and the rest of this America-originating brand’s product line.

When a householder elects to purchase a high-end appliance, such as Thermador, it makes sense to keep it properly serviced.  It is important to call THERMADOR REPAIR PRO at the first hint of an under-performing appliance.  This simple call to THERMADOR REPAIR PRO for troubleshooting could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

THERMADOR warming drawer repair technicians are licensed who know how to deal with the many intricate moving parts that comprise a Thermador warming drawer. Customers must remember that all Thermador ranges are operated by delicate circuitry, thermostats, heating coils and the hundreds of other parts that must be serviced in accordance to strict Thermador protocol in order to ensure proper repair and long life of the range, or other Thermador appliance.


If your Thermador warming drawer is exhibiting any of the following problems, it is time to call THERMADOR REPAIR PRO:

  • Sensors seem off
  • You notice a digital malfunction
  • Your Thermador warming drawer stays too hot
  • Your warming drawer doesn’t heat enough
  • Your warming drawer he thermostat does not calibrate heat accurately
  • Timer is not accurate


As Thermador warming drawers are robustly made, fixes are usually relatively quick and easy. In any event, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO will always check wires, thermostats  and general Thermador warming drawer circuitry and machinery as part of any service call as well as  perform basic maintenance on any other appliances you own.

THERMADOR warming drawer repair technicians stay on top of innovations along all product lines and maintains an current list of all Thermador recalled appliances and is among the first to know what repairs are mandated by the company.  THERMADOR REPAIR PRO always has immediate access to Thermador replacement parts and repair protocol.  All THERMADOR warming drawer repair technicians have undergone rigorous in-house apprenticeship and professional training.  THERMADOR REPAIR PRO  rewards its expert appliance technicians when they update their Thermador – and other appliance brand –  our training with better pay, comp time and other benefits for participating in professional training.


In addition to the complete Thermador domestic and commercial product lines, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is also expert at all other brand appliance installation and repair of all appliances – including oven, stoves, cooktops, vents, washers, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, ice machines, microwaves, trash compactors, garbage disposals, washers, dryers air conditioning/heating and connective systems.


THERMADOR warming drawer repair technicians have passed a complete background check and are fully insured, licensed and bonded.   Most of our technicians are also certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and have obtained credentialing as a Certified Appliance Professional.


To contact THERMADOR REPAIR PRO, please call us on our toll free number (800) 520-7044 or reach us online.