We expand Thermador microwave repair staff.

As one of the region’s foremost experts in Thermador microwave repair.  Among the higest-end of microwave manufacturers, Thermador offers three main types of microwave ovens – Thermador Convection Microwave, MicroDrawer and Traditional.   Thermador’s microwaves offers 10-power-level microwave ovens in traditional or convection models. If you own one, you know, however, if you are contemplating purchase of a Thermador microwave, their microwave convection oven combo model combines a convection oven with a microwave oven.  It can be used in microwave mode for fast heating, or in convection mode. Models come in 27-inch and 30-inch stainless steel trim kit.

Thermador one of America’s foremost names in domestic and commercial kitchen design and appliances. Thermador is the same brand that invented the built-in oven has continued improving and expanding its product line for over 75 years and is one of the nation’s first producers of microwave ovens.  THERMADOR REPAIR PRO recognizes that Thermador is one of Southern California’s most consumed  microwave, range and oven brands.

When you pay upwards of $600 and $700 for a built-in Thermador Microwave, it doesn’t make sense to pop it out and head to your local big box to replace it.  They are designed for years of use, however, even the most perfectly manufactured digital or mechanical part with will eventually wear out and require replacement.  This is when you call THERMADOR REPAIR PRO to repair your Thermador Microwave.

Our customers tend to prefer higher-end microwaves  as well as other longer-lasting Thermador appliances.

With Thermador’s microwaves, consumers will get the best out of their high-tech microwaves when they make sure they are installed properly by a Thermador company, such as THERMADOR REPAIR PRO, and thereafter, keep all cooking devices working optimally by scheduling regular maintenance and calling THERMADOR REPAIR PRO at the first sign of trouble.

Call us (800) 520-7044 and get 25% OFF on any Thermador Microwave Repair Service in Los Angeles, CA!

With Thermador, or any other microwave, if heat circulation is uneven or a thermostat doesn’t regulate heat properly or, you experience a or an electrical problem, call THERMADOR REPAIR PRO at the first sign of trouble.   Thermador microwave repair should be left to the experts.


THERMADOR REPAIR PRO appliance repair technicians are certified who know how to deal with the circuitry and many intricate moving parts that comprise a Thermador microwave.  Customers must remember that all Thermador microwaves, ovens and ranges are operated by delicate circuitry, thermostats, heating coils and the hundreds of other parts that must be serviced in accordance to strict Thermador protocol in order to ensure proper repair and long life of the range, or other Thermador appliance.


Call us (800) 520-7044 if your Thermador microwave is exhibiting any of the following problems:


Microwave heats irregularly

Thermostat doesn’t regulate temperature properly

Digital malfunction

Mechanical elements are stuck

You notice sparks

Food isn’t heated properly

As Thermador microwaves are robustly constructioned.  This makes fixes relatively quick and easy.  In any event, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO will always check circuitry, wires, and general Thermador microwave  machinery as part of any service call as well as  perform basic maintenance on any other appliances you own.

THERMADOR REPAIR PRO technicians stay on top of innovations along all product lines and  maintains an current list of all Thermador recalled appliances and is among the first to know what repairs are mandated by the company.  THERMADOR REPAIR PRO always has immediate access to Thermador replacement parts and repair protocol.  All THERMADOR microwave repair technicians have undergone rigorous in-house apprenticeship and our training.  THERMADOR REPAIR PRO  rewards its expert appliance technicians when they update their other appliance brand training with better pay, comp time and other benefits for participating in professional training.


In addition to the complete Thermador domestic and commercial product lines, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is also expert at all other brand appliance installation and repair of all appliances – including oven, stoves, microwaves, vents, washers, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, ice machines, microwaves, trash compactors, garbage disposals, washers, dryers air conditioning/heating and connective systems.


THERMADOR microwave repair technicians have passed a complete background check and are fully insured, licensed and bonded.   Most of our technicians are also certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and have obtained credentialing as a Certified Appliance Professional.


To reach THERMADOR REPAIR PRO, please call us on our toll free number (800) 520-7044 or reach us online.