Recalled Thermador appliances.

THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is Southern California’s top authority in Thermador repair, troubleshooting, installation and recall services serving Ventura, Los Angeles, San Gabriel and Orange Counties. THERMADOR REPAIR PRO hires is expert appliance repair technicians locally, making them deployable on the same day as any service call.  Generally, an THERMADOR REPAIR PRO technician will live in or very near the community he serves.

As resilient as Thermador appliances can be, sometimes wear and tear will cause a part to wear out or malfunction. Other times, something may go wrong in manufacturing.  Although this is a rare occurrence as far as the Thermador brand is concerned, like every other home and commercial appliance manufacturer, things can go wrong.  When they do, know that THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is licensed to replace faulty parts, when that option is available. In the case of a total recall, and your Thermador appliance must be replaced, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is top-of-the-line in Thermador appliance installation.

We bring to your attention a Thermador Range Recall. First, remember that if you smell leaking gas, first shut it off at its source, call the gas company and then call us.  In the case of an emergency, we will immediately dispatch a technician to you, often within minutes or hours of your call.


Thermador Range Recall Information: In compliance with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, BSH Home Appliances Corp., of Huntington Beach, CA voluntarily recalled over 2,400 Thermador brand gas ranges. The Product Safety Commission reports that hot air vented below the small oven and causes the metal surface on the door of this oven to get too hot, presenting a burn hazard to consumers.


BSH has received one report of high temperatures on the surface of one of the ranges. No injuries have been reported. The recalled ovens are 48-inch All-Gas Professional Ranges and were sold under the Thermador brand name. The ranges are stainless steel and have small and large side-by-side ovens.


Only model numbers PRG484GGUS, PRG486GDUS, and PRG486GLUS and serial number ranges 98020001-98129999, 99010001-99129999, 20010001-20129999 and 81010001- 81119999 are included in the recall.


The model and serial number are located on a data plate behind the kick panel at the bottom front of the range. Appliance and specialty stores nationwide sold the ranges from March 1998 through November 2001 for between $5540 and $6370.


Here are a few additional Thermador recalls:


BSH Home Appliances Corp. Expands Recall of Thermador Built-In Ovens Due to Fire Hazard

Thermador® Built-In Ovens  with about 37,000 unites effected (42,000 built-in ovens were previously recalled in June 2007).  This latest recall was called on Thursday, January 21, 2010.


The original June 29, 2007 recall involved roughly 42,000 units of BSH Home Appliances Corp. Thermador Built-In Ovens Due to Fire Hazard; and is an expansion of the June 7, 2007 recall of ceramic top Thermador® Built-In Ovens, recalled due to fire hazard that involved roughly 2,000 units that were manufactured in Spain.


45 Inch Electric Cook Tops Recalled by BSH Home Appliances Corp. on October 11, 2002, recalling about 330 electric cook tops. The recalled electric cook tops were sold under the “Thermador” brand name. For model numbers, please click on the link below.


Click here for detailed information on Thermador recalls:


As with the above recalls, you can always check our site for recalled appliances or call our office manager who will gladly research a prospectively recalled appliance and get back to you within 24-hours.


In addition to Thermador recall compliance, THERMADOR REPAIR PRO is also expert at all other brand appliance installation and repair of all appliances – including ovens, ranges, stoves, cooktops, vents, washers, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, ice machines, microwaves, trash compactors, garbage disposals, washers, dryers air conditioning/heating and connective systems.


THERMADOR REPAIR PRO appliance repair technicians have passed a complete background check and are fully insured, licensed and bonded.   Most of our technicians are also certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and have obtained credentialing as a Certified Appliance Professional.


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